Temporal accommodation for your business trips and recreations just got easier with KimiaHomes. KimiaHomes is your best short term rental service in Accra, Ghana. We provide you with an exquisite fully furnished apartment for rent at a substantial amount.

For some years we have given rental services to both local and foreign citizens. We have provided our clients with the best accommodation services ever. As we are geared towards giving comfort and happiness to everyone, we give our clients the best treatment they deserve. 

About Us

KimiaHomes is a guest house rental service that provides homes on rentals for both foreign and local citizens. We give you elegant fully furnished ultra-modern homes for rentals. We are partners with the KEIGROUP real estate.

We provide elegant homes for rental at affordable prices. All our properties are backed with all their needed legal documents. We sort to give our clients the best as they desire.

At KimiaHomes, your comfort and safety is our hallmark. With us, your safety is assured and comfort is guaranteed. Your privacy is not deprived of you. We give you luxurious homes in the suburbs of Tema and Accra.

We provide experts to guide our clients in selecting their desired apartments. Our properties are well renovated to meet the modern standard of housing needs.

Our Services

Home sweet home! Indeed, there is no place like home. With this in mind, we put your needs and demands first. We have homes for all types of family size.

Houses ranging from single-family detached homes, bungalow and self-contained homes are made available for you to choose from. All these houses are well secured, with lights and water available for you.

The environment these homes are located guarantees your total safety and comfort. With fenced and electrocuted walls, burglar-proof windows and a serene environment, there is nothing more comforting than these.

Our homes are equipped with fitted wardrobes, ultra-modern kitchen equipment and are fully furnished for your comfort and pleasure.

To give you the best, our team takes you round your desired house and guide you on your selection. In satisfying our clients, we guarantee total comfort and happiness in their rented apartments.

Our partners

Our first partner is our prestigious clients, they are the reason we are where we are. To give our clients the best service there is, we have also part with KEIGROP state. Our mother company that seeks to help provide real estate solutions. In our bid to satisfy our clients with the best housing solutions.

Our homes

We offer all types of houses to suit our client’s family size and demands. The following are some available houses; Single rooms self-contained short-term rental homes and any other desired home of our clients.

All our homes are fully furnished and renovated with ultra-modern facilities. The environs of our homes provide 24/7 security service solutions, leaving our clients highly secured. The serenity in these environments provides more comfort and happiness to our clients.

Consequently, our homes are located in the suburbs of the capital, Accra. Where our clients are exposed to urban living and many great opportunities. As part of our quest to serve our clients the best home solutions, we provide affordable housing for anyone to enjoy this luxurious homes.

Our Expertise

We are gifted with the best personnel who are ever ready to guide our faithful clients in selecting their desired house. Personnel who are known and professionals in home management and maintenance.

Vision statement

Seeking customer satisfaction has always been a core value. We tend to provide everyone with much comfort and happiness.

 Mission statement

To lookout for the well-being of the ordinary person and making life comfortable by providing services which are geared towards meeting the basic needs of our clients.

Payment policy

Our payment plan is strictly on a monthly pay as you go term.

Contact Us

Our doors are always opened to you, our cherished client. We are here to serve you with the best rental services in Accra, Ghana. Reach out to our hotlines and let’s get connected in getting your desired home available for you. Don’t forget to also pass by our office at any time for any enquiries.


Plot Number 198,

Agbogba, North Legon