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Home sweet home! Indeed, there is no place like home. With this in mind, we put your needs and demands first. We have homes for all types of family size.Our homes are equipped with fitted wardrobes, ultra-modern kitchen and are furnished for your comfort and pleasure.

Consequently, our homes are located in the suburbs of the capital, Accra, where our clients are exposed to urban living and many great opportunities. As part of our quest to serve our clients the best home solutions, we provide affordable housing for anyone to enjoy this luxurious homes.

Kimia Homes: Best Short Term Apartment Rentals in Accra, Ghana

The Perfect Surrounding

The environment these homes are located guarantees your total safety and comfort. With fenced and electrocuted walls, burglar-proof windows and a serene environment, there is nothing more comforting than these.

To give you the best, our team takes you round the desired house and guide you on your selection. In satisfying our clients, we guarantee total comfort and happiness in their rented apartments.

Fine Food Cuisine

There are nice food cuisine in your community and many other conveniences. We can also provide you special food from LunchBox on daily and weekly basis. 

Temporal accommodation for your business trips and recreations, and food needs just got easier with KimiaHomes. KimiaHomes is your best short term rental service in Accra, Ghana. We provide you with an exquisite furnished apartment with food delivery services round the clock. 

Nice Food Accra

The Best Experience Ever

"Kimia Homes offers one of the best short term apartment rentals in Accra. I've really enjoyed my three-months stay in their apartment. It was neatly kept and everything is in perfect order. The management pays meticulous attention to enhancing the property. Highly recommended!
Business Man, Togo

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